Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Ebay Website

We are very pleased to announce our new Ebay shop.   We have had some good results since January using Ebay and we decided it was time to open a shop.   Ebay is very commonly used in the UK but no so much here in Spain but I am sure it will catch up soon.   Our shop is world wide and so looking at the stats this week we have had some views from far flung place around the globe.    We are always striving to offer everyone a good price so with Ebay we have no fuel charges, commissions to pay, no rent, water etc so I am sure you will agree our prices are competitive.   The products we have for sale in our Ebay shop are just a small selection at present but we are building the shop slowly over the coming weeks.   The best thing about the shop in my opinion is the fact that I can sell things without even getting dressed, or brushing my hair etc - well, as it is now lunch time, I think it is time to change that!   Please click the link below to view our shop and take note we changed our name to appeal to a wider audience.
 UK High Street in Spain

Take care everyone until next time   .........Melanie (and to Maria we will miss you very much)

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